Real sourdough bread is real food

The Real Bread and Food Company is a small bakery in rural Hampshire specialising in sourdough breads. We use organically grown flours and seeds to which we add only water, natural sea salt and a dollop of our 85 year old sourdough culture to create a variety of loaves. These loaves are distributed fresh from the ovens to local, small shops, cafes and restaurants several times each week.

Crust you can trust

Real sourdough bread is really good food – highly nutritious and gut friendly. We use organically produced flour and seeds because this is better for the environment and it results in better, healthier bread. Because ‘food miles’ matter, the ingredients are sourced from as close as realistically possible; additionally, we only deliver locally. The electricity powering the bakery is from 100% renewable sources.




A sourdough starter is simply made of flour mixed with water, which has been left to ferment. This fermentation is a process where the flour is broken down by the action of microorganisms – harmless bacteria and wild yeasts that are naturally present on the grains and in the air and all around us.

The action of the microbes on the flour grains, releases bubbles of carbon dioxide, which, trapped by the gluten matrix, makes the bread ‘rise’. Usefully this process enables the dough to release more nutrients, become more digestible, tastier and with a better texture than the bread we have sadly become used to.


More valuable than gold

Following a tradition – Using a sourdough starter to make bread is not ‘new’, indeed it has been a traditional method all around the world for thousands of years – magically transforming ground grains in to easily digestible doughs. In more recent history, at times during the Gold Rush in California, sourdough cultures were considered more valuable than gold itself, travelling with the gold-hunters, kept warm and alive close to their bodies, prized for its ability to transform flour and water into life sustaining food!