Organically grown wheat flours
Mature cheddar cheese
Organic chilli flakes
Sea salt

A really popular, super soft, tasty, tangy loaf. Enough chilli to taste and feel it but not a lasting heat. Fermented for approximately 20 hours. Great for sandwiches and totally yummy toasted, which re-grills the cheese and smells heavenly! Easy to slice up and put in the freezer so that there’s always a slice to toast and have with a bowl of soup or stew.

Although this loaf looks more like a white bread, the dough contains 20% stoneground organic wholemeal flour.

Interesting to know – the active heat in chilli is caused by a fat-soluble alkali which means that the antidote – to help stop chilli burn – is an acidic fat (think full-fat yoghurt with a spicy Indian curry).  A good sourdough bread contains plenty of lactic acid and cheese contains fat – that’s why despite there being lots of chilli in this dough, the stingy feeling doesn’t last!