Organic spelt flours
Organic honey
Sea salt
(This dough does contain a small amount of Organic wheat flour from the sourdough starter)

Its not that easy to make a really good 100% spelt loaf – but this is one! Mild, but with a little, sour tang and a subtle, sweet nuttiness. This loaf has a slightly more crumbly texture than conventional wheat sourdough. Very edible and highly digestible – Delicious!

Spelt is known as an ‘ancient grain’ as it has been cropped for thousands of years and predates our current varieties of wheat. It has a mild and slightly nutty flavour. It is a more nutritionally dense grain than conventional wheat varieties and has a slightly different gluten structure, which some people find easier to digest. It also has higher amounts of protein and soluble fibre, and is very rich in vitamin K along with several other minerals.

Spelt is more difficlt to grow than modern wheats  – spelt crops yield much less per acre – this renders it currently more than twice the price of wheat bread flour!

Honey is not simply a sweetner. It has vitamins, minerals, flavaniods and phenolic acids and has been shown to have positive health benefits. Honey is antimicrobial so interestingly, can help to slow down fermentation, unlike other sweet products which may speed it up!